Artisan & Qurated Liquid

Fresmith is all about sharing the experience to enjoy a really good juice. We carefully select and curate each of the beautifully-thought recipe that we produce.

A teamwork between us and our brewers, to find that super delicious recipe every vaper has been looking for.

No liquid is perfect for everyone. A very subjective matter indeed. So what we are doing is to select and curate each of the beautifully-thought recipe, for whatever specific flavor we are releasing.

Each brewer is unique, and each of them have their own personal subjective flavor preference. Our job is to collaborate with them so they can finalize the recipe to its full potential.

Nothing is perfect in the first try. We tuned the recipe for every two weeks, and usually it will take 6 to 8 months of our time to research it, until we find that eurika one.

All in all, we are trying our best to bring you the best liquid recipe ever produced. We really hope you enjoy our recipe selection as much as we do.

With Love,

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